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Dear neighbours and residents of Wilanów.
We are happy to inform you that we are opening a new Zebra Kindergarten facility in Wilanów at Prymasa Augusta Hlonda 6., already in August 2019!



For fourteen years now, our kindergartens have been providing the highest quality in education and care in terms of bilingualism, development of music skills, as well as social competences and abilities of our children.

Our staff is a team of professionals who stand out not only for their excellent preparation for work with children but also for being patient, goodhearted and warm. Our graduates are among the best students of both Polish and foreign schools, and winners of domestic and international tournaments and competitions!
Knowledge, experience and passion – we all share these features!

So join ZEBRA. You are most welcome!

What makes us different

14 years of experience
Bilingual education
Rich music curriculum
Learning to play instruments
Own kitchen
Anti-smog ventilation
400m for children
Two comfortable play rooms

Stages of kindergarten formation

Parents about us

Zebra kindergarten is a wonderful place which we associate with many positive memories and careless childhood. Our Tina says that she loves Zebra very much and if she could, she would came back there. She adored her group mates and she misses them a lot. Tina’s favourite teacher was her form tutor miss Paulina – she describes her as the second mommy. Miss Paulina put a lot of effort into my daughter’s education. Now, as a result, Tina gets top marks at school. She is an exemplary student with many hobbies and interests: singing, acting, sports. Under the care of Miss Paulina my child was loved and felt safe…it’s invaluable and I will be always grateful for that. Tina’s second favourite teacher was Miss Ewa who introduced her into the world of English language. Currently, my daughter goes to bilingual school, where classes are conducted in two languages, and the basis worked out with Miss Ewa result in quick and effective learning. My child is attached to Zebra kindergarten and the teachers working there so much that she always takes part in every Pijamas Party and willingly drops by to hug her favourite educators.

~Tina's parents

We found our way to Zebra in 2010, when we came back to Poland. We wanted our son to go to a bilingual kindergarten, to maintain his ability to communicate in English in a natural way. And that was an absolute hit! A great facility, very nice and qualified teachers, great contact with the principal, fantastic atmosphere, and very good food. Although they finished their Kindergarten last year, my children are still reminiscing the best sour soup in the world :) and the best spaghetti, pork chops, meat loaf, fish and …. I could go on forever with this list :).

We were associated with the Kindergarten for eight years and those were very good times :) We broke many records – we were the longest Kindergarten attending family of all, and our daughter was the youngest pupil in the history of the Zebra Kindergarten. There was a time when all our three children attended it – they were happy, smiled a lot and eagerly visited the Zebra Kindergarten every single day. During these years, I had the opportunity to get to know all the teachers, and I was very pleased with them. Today, my children are already at school but they still think very fondly of their time in the Kindergarten and their favourite Aunties, Ms Beatka specialising in performances and all the cooks, and the memorable musical mornings, competitions, stage performances, trips and above all – the sleepovers ;) Those were wonderful times for my children, full of joy but also intensive education.

From my perspective, as a mum, it was a great choice in terms of education – especially the high level of English and the fantastic preparation to the first grade of primary school. If we were to choose once again, me and my husband would definitely choose the Zebra Kindergarten – I have no doubt there. We sincerely recommend this place!!!

~Eliza & Piotr and their children: Bartek, Olga &Hania

In 2015, I wrote a comment describing my great satisfaction with the Zebra Kindergarten. Today, three years after I wrote this comment, I still support my words of appreciation. For my son, the Kindergarten was an excellent preparation to his next step in life and provided him not only with necessary knowledge and skills but also with emotional stability and self-confidence (not to mention how much he actually enjoyed going to the Kindergarten). I would like to thank all the teachers, including in particular, Ms Agnieszka and Ms Magda.

What is more, for a month now, Kuba (my son) has been attending an American primary school in Dallas, and it was his knowledge of English (acquired exclusively in the Kindergarten) that enabled him to quickly adapt to the new school in the first year. His English was highly evaluated during the language exam (organised for all children with their native tongue other than English in order to assess their linguistic level and, if necessary, provide them with additional support with learning). So many thanks for that to Ms Magda!

~Jacob's parents

The best recommendation for the Kindergarten is the one coming from my daughter. She keeps repeating the same question every weekend: "Why is there no kindergarten today? and How long will I still have to wait to go there?"😊. Thanks to the lovely teachers, the process of adaptation of our daughter was virtually painless. And given the very high level of English, I must say that we are very pleased to have chosen the Zebra Kindergarten👍


Today, the "Zebra" Kindergarten is above all a great memory. Me and my family often recall those wonderful times, and my daughters, with natural tenderness, speak about the Kindergarten, their Aunties and the homely atmosphere of the place. A lot of wonderful memories for my daughters, but above all, a great place to start to make their biggest dreams come true. Hania is currently developing her vocal skills, and Natasza plays the piano. I have absolutely no doubt that their love for music was instilled when they were still at the Kindergarten :).

Because it was ZEBRA where their talents were identified and trained. And it was there that the natural shyness of my daughters was conquered by the enormous support from the Kindergarten staff and the opportunity to learn to deal with their stress during numerous performances and concerts both at the Kindergarten and outside.

Now, I can admire my daughters performing on the stage and take great pride in them. Thank you ZEBRA!

~Parents Hanna aged 11 and Natasza aged 9

My musical adventure began when I was three, right after my arrival at ZEBRA. From the very first moment at the Kindergarten I knew that my passion for music was inevitable. You could hear music everywhere, in Polish, English, in the morning, at noon, after tea... . When I was 5, I wanted to learn to play the piano. And the Kindergarten made it possible for me. And then, things started to run smoothly their own way, and soon I got my very own piano for Christmas. I practiced very hard during my classes in the Kindergarten, including fitness and dancing under the caring eye of Ms Beata.
This year I am finishing the sixth grade of my music school. Keep your fingers crossed during my diploma exam – I promise to give my very best playing the piano.


I truly recommend the Zebra Music and Language Kindergarten, for the level they represent, continuously high for many years, for the wonderful teaching staff, their professionalism, warmth, understanding and patience, for all the tears of my home-sick children that they dried, for every smile and laughter, and every interesting Kindergarten story that I heard from my children, and above all, for nurturing family values.

~Mother of Miłosz and Helenka

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